Posted by: atowhee | October 11, 2015


The air is crisp despite the tremendous number of leaf crumbs floating about.  The air carries the scent of wet leaves now that we’ve had a little rain.  Some mushrooms have grabbed the chance to burst forth.  Migration continues around us.CACK LINE (1280x960) CLR1 CLR2 CLR3 CLR4 CLR5 grape (1280x960) haw1 (1280x960) haw2 (1280x960)This Junco was playing king of heap…of wood chips, of course.  Juncos love their trees in any form.DEJU HEAPThis first year Great Blue Heron was hunting along the bank of the Yamhill River in the city park in Carlton. GBH EYE GBH LOOKSThis time of year poison oak is particularly seductive.  Don’t you just itch to pick a few of those bright leaves? POISON OAKThis paper wasp nest was very active on a mild October day. WASP NESTWild radish crop on an unmown hillside in McMinnville’s Dancer Park. WILD-RADScarlton pkAs we all must, this year’s leaves drift downstream on a timeless river, never to return. ymhl rivr

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