Posted by: atowhee | September 14, 2015


GGO LOOK-WWIT (958x1280)I’ve checked with biologists in Oregon and Washington State and so far the results of this year’s terrible forest fires in both states have NOT been too bad for Great Gray Owls.  Only in north central Washington was there some habitat destruction.  There higher elevation forests where the owls are known to hunt some areas have been heavily burned–that is by hot fires.  Yet a biologist there told me he was already trapping some insect life in burned areas where smoke still rises from smoldering hot spots.

Reports from Medford and La Grande show the fires in those regions did NOT impinge on known GGO habitat. Inthe southern Cascades there was considerable fire destruction in known Spotted Owl habitat north and east of the Rogue River Valley.

If you;re interested in the Great Gray Owls of the northwest, here’s some info on my book about them.


  1. Peter and I went up to his platform last evening and found a GGO… hopefully, they are sticking around for next year.

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