Posted by: atowhee | September 14, 2015


CRANE TALKThis first sequence of pics are from eastern Oregon, taken by my good friend, Kirk Gooding, on a trip with his wife Shannon Rio.  She’s president of the Klamath Bird Observatory Board of Directors. CRANE UP CRANES3 GHO GOOSEEmpid to puzzle over. gry flycHarrier:harrierDuo discusses the menu: MENUDuncan Evered of the Malheur Field Station with his mindful birding class.   Buena Vista overlook at Malheur, truly a buena vista. MINDFULI suspect this fellow of being a Pacific-slope. pac slopePeregrine. PEREGreater Sage Grouse in eastern Oregon where there are fortunately no buried fossil fuels so corporate greed cannot impinge on the range there.  Fire, western juniper and cattle ranching are the major threats to the species there. SAGE-GRSShorebirds along the shore: avocet and yellowlegs: SHOREStilt tilt: STILT TILTSummer Lake in summer: SUM LAKE


These next three images are from Tom Kuhn, a backyard birder who keeps a small water feature running in his small garden in San Francisco.  This Pygmy Nuthatch is a neighbor as SF is one of the few places where this species is found at sea level.  Here in Oregon the bird is generally found only on the eastern slope of the Cascades.  Pygmy NuthatchThe Yellow Warbler appears in transit every spring and again in late summer. warbler 2e warbler1-tk


  1. Thanks for the pictures from Malheur. I was fortunate enough to have taken a 4-week long ornithology class there. Saw LOTS of birds.

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