Posted by: atowhee | September 8, 2015


Andy Huber tells me his family of Great Gray Owls have all grown up and are hunting now as individuals.  He sent me some mid-summer photos showing the youngsters as they got their adult plumage…some fine bath-tub shots, again.  Enjoy.  And thank you, Andy and yr Owlets.7.  GGO youngest chick on post 5 8 15 IMG_2998 8. GGO owlets in flight sort of 4480 IMG_2325 14. GGO owlets are you drowning 4113 IMG_2709 GGO owlet with vole on block 7 31 15 IMG_1647

Here’s Andy’s latest email:

“The old Cooper’s hawk nest that our great grays used here, was completely destroyed by the four chicks.  I would like to rebuild something at the same site, in case the female is able to nest again next spring.  I’d prefer it to be a little more natural looking than the standard boxes, but haven’t decided on a plan yet.
“All four of our owlets are now on their own.  I last saw the mother, in late July, and the four owlets together on August 14th.  Individuals have been randomly seen since then.
“The few [images] I’ve attached, are from late July and early August, to show their feather development.  They hatched during the first two weeks of April.”


  1. […] Andy has previous experience as a foster father of GGOwlets.  In 2015 he and a widowed female successfully raised four young with Andy and his neighbors live-trapping most of the prey over the long summer.  After the owlets grew until they could fly the young dispersed into the forest.  They were not tamed and did not come begging to Andy or his neighbors for food. Click here for the final  blog of that summer as Andy’s owlet charges prepared to leave. […]

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