Posted by: atowhee | September 7, 2015


You must course back and forth across a newly mown field, in bright sun, lingering almost weightless, then finally land on the earth and stand still for a bit, looking every alert.  Here is a lesson from a male Harrier in western Yamhill County, along Peavine Road (love that moniker). harrmale fli (1280x960) harrmale fli2 (1280x960) harrmale fli3 (1280x960) harrmale fli4 (1280x960) harrmale fli5 (1280x960)harr stands (1280x960)WIRED P2520468 (1280x960)Near one large hillside clearcut the migrating swallows were gathered.  Violet-green and Barn.  Soon they will be only an indelible image until next spring. swallow sp. (1280x960) swires1 swires2 swires3 vg wire2 (1280x960)In the Coast Range foothills the elderberries are looking ripe–time for bear and waxwing.elderb (1280x960)

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