Posted by: atowhee | August 22, 2015


UPDATE: August 26 another hiker told me she’d just seen the young, white fawn.  Here’s an email from Rick Hargrave of the Oregon DFW: “Thank you for sharing the photos of the deer.  The fawn is referred to as a piebald fawn. It looks pretty healthy, which is good because typically piebald fawns are born with a number of deformities.  I hope they continue on their way into the wild!”WFAWN1 WFAWN2 WFAWN3 WFAWN5 WFAWN6 WFAWN7 WFAWN8 WFAWN9The woods were quiet this morning as I listened carefully for any bird sound.  Ahead of me a sudden flash of white got my attention. I quickly stepped behind a tree where my shape wouldn’t show.  Coming toward me the doe approached in the lead, followed by her nearly-all-white fawn.  A pair of hikers a few days had told they’d seen a white fawn in this woodland.

Later I circled back around and watched the pair head down the trail away from me.  I will share the location if you want photos.  Don’t invite any bow-toting dentists from Minnesota, please.  I see beauty while some men will see “trophy.”



  1. White from stem to stern!

  2. magic moments thanks for the post.

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