Posted by: atowhee | August 21, 2015


Earlier this week I got to do some birding along the Oregon coast west of Salem.  A gallery of coastal images:2gulls BARN ARCHDBarn above.  Barn Swallows below, this at the mouth of the Salmon River north of Lincoln City. BARN-SWALLOZS BARN-SWALLOZS2Cedar Waxwings at Van Duzer State Rec Area in Coastal Range along Hwy 22 east of Lincoln City. CDEWA UP HIGH CEWA IN SUN CEWA-CAN DUZERBelow Dead Common Murre on beach. DEAD MURREElk along Hwy 22. ELK IN PASTURWestern Gull. GULL TOP GULLUPGlaucous-winged Gull in area, no black wing tips. gwg aloft KF DIVEKingfisher over Siletz Bay. KF HANGZ kflatOsprey over Devil;s Lake ospFLITE P2510643Gulls at mouth of D River: California left, Western right. P2510656Red-throated Loon at Gleneden Beach. RTL SILETZ SIGNYoung gull, possibly a Thayer’s. YNG GULL

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