Posted by: atowhee | August 20, 2015


Today in Rotary Park the scent of autumn was in the air. No cool breeze yet but the leaves are changing color, and ripe fruit is hanging out.
Seven-foot tall cow parsnips are desiccated, their dried leaves hanging down like crumpled brown paper. Hawthorn, blackberries, snowberries and dogwood have fruit. The bigleaf maple is pregnant with one-winged seeds. In the old abandoned orchard the apples and grapes are ripening. Interestingly there is not a single berry on any of the native Oregon grape–their response to the drought?BOLE
I would love to know what kind of fern this. It grows right along Baker Creek and has fronds at least four-feet long.

When I came near the Steller’s Jays broadcast my presence. I watched the two for awhile, adult and juvenile it seems. They held a private conversation high in an ash, singing in Pooh-like sounds. “Tiddely-pum, tiddely-pum.”

This Anna’s Hummingbird was on a sunny perch, surveying the park yesterday.hmmr

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