Posted by: atowhee | August 16, 2015


There’s a fine essay in today’s New York Times Magazine.  It’s about the human effort to save individual wild animals in the grace of planetary and species-wide destruction of life. It’s as good an explanation of why we individual humans should continue to try to help individual wild animals as I’ve ever seen.

It is also a wonderful love letter to swifts.

Some of the wildlife rescue centers I am familiar with:

Lindsay Museum in Walnut Creek, CA–has resident Great Gray Owl.
Blue Mountain Wildlife, Pendleton, OR– has two resident Great Gray Owls.
Wildlife Images, Merlin, OR–has resident cougar and wolves.
Cascades Raptor Center, Eugene, Oregon.
Marin Mammal Center, Sausalito, CAWildCare Solutions, San Rafael, CA

Some tangentially related film notes:  for the best video I’ve seen of swifts, try “White Diamond,” a doc set near a waterfalls in Guyana.  Best overall video on animals rescue: “Pelican Dreams,” starring the American Brown Pelican and its rescuers.

Further note for city folk: in Oregon it is illegal to disturb a deer fawn.  The young ones are usually stowed safely in brush or tall grass by a doe feeding nearby…and not abandoned as the uninitiated might believe.

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