Posted by: atowhee | August 16, 2015


I’ve been on the road a  bit this past week.  Some images follow.  Bald Eagle in far side of Plat I Reservoir east of Sutherlin:BE-PLATI (1280x960) CAQU LINE (1280x960)Covey of California Quail near Plat I. CAQU LINE2 (1280x960)Great Blue Heron behind rocks along the Willamette River at the Wheatland Ferry landing. HERON BAK (1280x960)Kingfisher with a mouthful at the reservoir: KFISH (1280x960) KFISH2 (1280x960)Osprey at Wheatland Ferry: P2510509 (1280x960) P2510512 (1280x960)Screech-Owl in Ashland. SCRCH LOOK-A (1280x960)Turkey Vultures in field near Plat I: TV TIME1 (1280x960) TV TIME2 (1280x960) TV TIME3 (1280x960)Werstern Bluebirds at Plat I: WB-OLDR (1280x960) WB-YNGER (1280x960)Panting heron at St. Paul Ponds north of Salem, Oregon:P2510283 (1280x960)Kestrel dives on Red-tail at Marion County hops field…this is a B-list photo…brutality, beer and birds.KEXT-V-RTH (1280x960)Fledglkng waxwing at St. Paul Ponds. young wax


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