Posted by: atowhee | August 10, 2015


There are many good reasons to bird Tule Lake NWR this time of year.  It is just inside California along its northern border with Oregon.  Even in drought this fortunate wildlife refuge has an ample supply of water thanks to a history of local water rights different than found in Klamath Basin or Sacramento River Valley or Malheur.  This first photo alone is reason enough to visit–all photos here from my friend Shannon Rio and her photographing husband, Kirk  Gooding.GREBELET-srThis is young grebelet riding on its parent’s back.  Eared Grebes are one of four grebe species breeding at Tule NWR every summer.  Then, a series of a wind-blown, hunting Snowy Egret: TULE1 TULE2TULE3 TULE4 TULE5 TULE7 TULE8 TULE9Love those golden slippers, often used to churn the bottom of a lake or puddle to stir up edibles.TULE12 TULE11 TULE10 ducks in row--sr corm--sr

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