Posted by: atowhee | July 30, 2015


Update, July 31: There is now talk of trying to ban Americans from trophy hunting. Not much likely of that passing in a Republican, freedom-uber-alles, Congress…but it’s an idea that may eventually spread.

And now Zimbabwe says it will definitely seek extradition of Mr. Palmer, DDS, from the U.S.

Teddy Roosevelt, Ernest Hemingway and a dentist from Minnesota.  Some of the infamous trophy hunters of the past 150 years.  But perhaps that dentist did something that will end up helping wildlife survive in spite of arrogant, ignorant, rapacious humans.  Perhaps…

Could Cecil death lead to end of trophy hunting, pay your money kill your trophy animal?  It’s big business for some African governments.  How about the world chip in and pay them so much for every week an animal is NOT killed?

Here’s one look at this case.

And here’s a second. Poor dentist had to shut his practice.  I predict he will move and assume a new name.  Pity any family he has.  Sometimes the cluelessness of white males astounds even me, and I’m one of those myself.  Can you imagine any woman anywhere hunting a lion with bow and arrow?

This will put even closer scrutiny on so-called conservation hunting.

Hunting is just one of the human activities that are making more and more species disappear in this sixth great extinction.

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