Posted by: atowhee | July 28, 2015


I can’t help it but I imagine the American who killed a well-known male lion in Africa would instantly quote Biblical passages purporting to justify all of men’s transgression against other creatures on Earth. “Dominion,” that’s the word, right?

Well, it’s a big victory for the NRA because this killing was legal and not even on U.S. soil. I will note it took a gun, couldn’t finish off the lion with just a bow and arrow.  So much for the claims that big creatures (like movie-goers) could be slaughtered even if there were gun control in the U.S.  Swords are used in China for mass attacks and they are almost never as deadly as gun attacks have been and continue to be.

Note the gunman in the Louisiana theater killed two women, and has a long personal history of hating feminism and uppity women.  Calls are being made for it to be clearly labelled a hate crime.


  1. The whole thing is disgusting….. Especially the fact that taking these endangered species is LEGAL! Who knew! After this there should be energy to stop such nonsense.

    m a

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