Posted by: atowhee | July 26, 2015


DSCN4074 (1280x960) DSCN4080 (1280x960) WScreechOwlet (997x1280) WScreechOwlet2 (810x1280)For the third straight summer a pair of Western Screech-Owls have nested in this broken off bigleaf maple in lower Lithia Park, not far from the busy bandshell.  These two owlets were photographed last week by Emmalisa Whalley.

The stare, read it as glare, of an owl seems to be the same regardless of how immature the bird is.  These types cannot be more than a few weeks old.


  1. How long do they usually stay in the park each year?

    • They will fledge within the next few days if they are not already flying, then they will gradually over a couple weeks begin to move further away at times and finally stop returning to the nesting hole. The adult birds and fully flying fledglings are in the park and neighboring areas year-round. When we lived nearby we heard Screech-Owls tooting at night in or near Lithia park from early March until early summer when they settle down to incubate and brood.

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