Posted by: atowhee | July 22, 2015


If you do not like Bushtits, avert your eyes immediately or you will surely overdose.  This is all ‘tits all the time.BTT-A (1280x960)When I first noticed the Bushtit flock moving along the edge of my garden I hurried to a spot where I could clearly shoot the birdbath. BTT-B (1280x960) BTT-C (1280x960)First they eyed the water, then made their move. BTT-D (1280x960) BTT-E (1280x960) BTT-F (1280x960) BTT-G (1280x960) BTT-H (1280x960) BTT-J (1280x960) BTT-K (1280x960) BTT-L (1280x960) BTT-M (1280x960) BTT-M1 (1280x960) BTT-N (1280x960) BTT-P (1280x960) BTT-Q (1280x960) BTT-R (1280x960) BTT-S (1280x960) BTT-T (1280x960) BTT-U (1280x960) BTT-u1 (1280x960)Whoever installed this birdbath was either smart or lucky.  The slope is very gentle so these tiny guys can wade in as deep as they want in no danger of getting in too deep as they might with a vertical-sided pool.

For those of you keeping score, the birds with the pale iris are the adult female birds, the others have dark irises.



  1. great group photos!! we get plenty of bushtit regulars, but none ever visit our birdbath (in which we put just a bit of water … enough to get bird feet and bellies wet). they so much prefer to eat bugs!

  2. I have always loved the bushtits. In fact, I have a nest that was used by them and then the branch was pruned so I took it. I use it and some pics to talk to second graders each year about birds. Great fun!

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