Posted by: atowhee | July 20, 2015


We are now settled into a typical town neighborhood, no national forest up the hill, no forest across the street.  So we now have both Starlings and Collared-Doves as neighbors.  Both are species we almost never saw where we lived before, in Ashland.

At the birdbath today I saw my first Yamhill County family of Bushtits.BT-DAWN (1280x960)Those gray ghosts are images of Bushtits in flight. BT-DAWN2 (1280x960) BT-DAWN3 (1280x960) BT-DAWN4 (1280x960) BT-DAWN5 (1280x960)Then the camera suddenly decided to focus on the distant foliage, rendering even static Bushtits as ghostly images. BT-DAWN6 (1280x960) BT-DAWN8 (1280x960) eust bath (1280x960) EUST BATH2 (1280x960) EUST BATH3 (1280x960)


  1. love those Bushtits; miss you and Kate, but look forward to seeing you in a couple of months. ruby

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