Posted by: atowhee | June 20, 2015


Yet more pictures of the birds and mammals from eastern Oregon. Best of all, for the first time, I saw Black Terns sitting on the water, then taking off.  As they flash their wings in bright sun the color can change from silver to dark gray to black.   bt in sage BT IN WATR (1280x960) BT TAKE-OFF (1280x960) BT TAKE-OFF2 (1280x960) BT TAKE-OFF3 (1280x960) BT TAKE-OFF4 (1280x960) BT TAKE-OFF5 (1280x960) BT TAKE-OFF6 (1280x960) BT TAKE-OFF67 (1280x960)Nighthawk in daytime, sleepinh on fence at Field Station: CONI FACING (1280x960) EAKI CHEST (1280x960)Eastern Kingbird above, Loggerhead on wire. lhs on wireMarsh Wren at Buena Vista Ponds. MAWR ON LEAF (1280x960) mgpiMagpie above, Nuttall’s cottontail below. nut-cotbatt (1280x960)Bobolink male: BOB EO (1280x960) BOB FO (1280x960)batt (1280x960)The bat was believed to be a silver-haired, found hiding behind a flap of wood at Malheur Headquarters.

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