Posted by: atowhee | June 17, 2015


BE AT NST (1280x960)Bald Eagle on nest, Westside Road, Klamath County.  Below: Burrowing Owl along Hwy 205 in Harney County. buro1 collier flwr LST CHPMNKRed-breasted Saopsucker with beak full of insects, Collier State Park, Klamath County. RBSAP+BUGS snipost1Wilson’s Snipe above, Tree Swallow in nest box. trsw box wbn-arriv wbn-in wbn-llookAbove: White-breasted Nuthatch at nest hole, Wocus Bay, Klamath County.  Below: Kingbird in Harney County where they are abundant. weki wire wm-sap in wm-sap wm-sap2Williamson’s Sapsucker at nest hole, Wocus Bay.

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