Posted by: atowhee | June 13, 2015


On our Klamath Bird Observatory field trip today we had several trip birds but the Bobolinks trumped all others.BOBSX2 (1280x960)BOB UP (1280x960)BOB-A (1280x960)BOB EO (1280x960)  BOB FO (1280x960) BOB GO (1280x960) BOB GO2 (1280x960) BOB GONE (1280x960)   BOB FACES (1280x960) BOBS BACK (1280x960) BOBSIDE (1280x960)BOB JUMP (1280x960)BOB-LEAP (1280x960)
These Bobolinks were found along the Central Patrol Road at P Ranch on the Malheur NWR, and then later along Lava Bed Road and Diamond Loop Road at the foot of the Steens Mountain.

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