Posted by: atowhee | June 12, 2015


My second and last spring trip to Malheuyr began today in Ashland.  En route we saw 89 bird species and several mammals including otter and pronghorn (no badger yet this week).  The curlews now in Malheur basin are running around with chicks about one-fifth the size of mom and dad.  Two Ferruginous Hawk nests have young about to fledge. Along Westside Road in Klamath county we had White-headed woodpecker and Bald Eagle nestling.  And at Collier State Park we saw a Dipper.dipp-eyes dipp-on-logThis Lark Sparrow was in Harney County south of Burns. lasp on wire3 lasp on wire4 mtn-blu petThis Mountain Bluebird was at the Sage Hen Rest Area in Harney County.  The snipe flew from a fence post up to the top of a utility pole so we could get a better look. snipost2Below: male Williamson’s Sapsucker at nest hole, Wocus Bay, Klamath Marsh NWR. wm-sapIn this photo a bit of the yellow belly shows as he slips into the hole in a dead ponderosa. wm-sap2

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