Posted by: atowhee | June 10, 2015


ferru chicks1 (1280x1172)Four Ferruginous Hawklets about to fledge from their nest in lone juniper near MP 17 along Hwy 205, south of Burns. P2480739 (1280x960) Below: Horned Lark, luxuriating in the expanse of dry former lakebed this spring. HOLA BK (1280x892) HOLA SIDE (1280x839)  P2480762 (1280x903)Shrike above, Western Kingbird below. P2480794 (1280x858)SAPH ONSIGN (1280x604)Say’s Phoebe at the Field Station.  Below, soaring White Pelicans. wp in air (1021x1280)Look carefully at these reeds along Boat Launch Road…one curls to the right near the top.  That is the only American Bittern we saw, spotted by keen-eyed Paul Wagner of Eugene.BITT1 (1280x960) BITT2 (1280x960) BITT3 (1280x960)This jack was frozen in place, grass salad stick hanging from his maw. JR-1 MAREWN2Marsh Wren MAWREN1 (1280x960) P2480714 (1280x960) P2480715 (1280x960) PINTL MALE1 (1280x960) PT-1 SEO IN AIR-PRFCT (1280x960)

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