Posted by: atowhee | June 10, 2015


Our Klamath Bird Observatory field trip to Malheur region last weekend brought us views of four owl species…some seen multiple times but all seen on a single sunny Sunday.  Below, Great Horned Owlet, one of five at Malheur HQ.ghowlettBelow: Burrowing Owl on post in cow pasture nest to Sodhouse Road.BUROW-POSTD BO-looks

We saw at least three Short-eared Owls on morning along Boat Landing Road.  The day before we saw them along Central Patrol Road north of Benson Pond but those were too far away for good pictures.SEO WINGS UP (1280x960) SEO-WINGS DOWN (1280x960) XSEO IN TREE2Most surprising was this lone Barn Owl hiding in his cavelet on the bluffs at Princeton, east end of Sodhouse Road. Two of our birders spotted him while the rest of us were watching Red-tail fledglings on the same cliff face. The other local owl is the Long-eared but to find one you have to check every lone juniper within miles and we didn’t do that.

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