Posted by: atowhee | June 9, 2015


Our Klamath Bird Observatory trip to Malheur had several encounters with Burrowing Owl.  Some out, sometimes in their burrows.  Then back at the Field Station, Carol Mockridge was warned off by a badger who was making yet another burrow near our dorm. BUROW-POSTDBUROW TWO1 (1280x760)   bdgr-ABadger on dorm stairs. BDGR-B BDGR-C BDGR-D BDGR-E BDGR-F BDGR-G (1)Gotta itch BDGR-GInto the burrow BDGR-HDirt flies as powerful back paws clear the tunnel BDGR-KBBDGR-J (1280x960) BDGR FACES2 (1280x960) BDGR-M BDGR-NGotta another itch BDGR-P

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