Posted by: atowhee | June 8, 2015


Some of the highlights of a three-day visit to Malheur and the trip there.  Trip sponsored annually by Klamath Bird Observatory.  A second trip this coming weekend.caqu on postForster’s Tern over Klamath Marsh.for ter (1280x960)Pileated feeds two ravenous peckerlets, Hyatt Lake in Jackson County’s Cascades.PILE SCREAM2 (1280x960) pil tree-one pil tree-two  pill tree-thre Red-breasted Sapsucker eating insects on ground at Hyatt Lake. RBSAP-HYT LAK (1280x960)Broad rainbow over Malheur Basin, Steens Mountain beyond.ranbo (1280x960)Young Robin at Silver Lake. yng robin (1280x960)lupinelupine-blu mtn-chk1 (1280x960)Mountain Chickadee at Pelican Wayside near Rocky Point, northwest corner of Klamath Lake. mtn-chk2

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