Posted by: atowhee | June 6, 2015


I am leading a trip for Klamath Bird Observatory through the Malheur Basin.  We arrived late yesterday having seen 90 species between Ashland and the Malheur Field Station.  Some of our better birding moments have included:

Family of seven Great Horned Owls at Malheur HQ–five young is a big brood.

Female Red-tail loudly urging her four fledglings to launch themselves off the basalt cliff face above Hwy 204.

A dry lake near Krumbo Reservoir where there was a fifteen acre lake last year.

Cranes with colts between the at Buena Vista.

A Bobolink flying over our heads along the road east from Frenchglen.

Three Short-eared Owls hunting mid-day along Central Patrol Road north of Benson Pond.

Trumpeters with four cygnets at Benson Pond.

Four Common Nighthawks sleeping in trees right outside our dorm at the Field Station.

Two different Ravens seen carrying what appeared to be goose or duck eggs in their beak.

Badgers and marmots and pronghorn (including one young) and muskrats.

Our trip total now stands at 110+ as we added Sagebrush Sparrow, Eastern Kingbird, Chat and other species today



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