Posted by: atowhee | May 31, 2015


Bigger is sometimes better, like with the country’s biggest (really, tallest) owl and biggest (living) woodpecker.MOM OWL1 (1280x960)Mother owl.  She kept repeating a low volume vocal hoot to reassure her two nearby owlets that she was onthe watch. MOM OWL2 (1280x960)Here’s her youngest owlet, about three weeks old and newly fledged.  Looks a bit like a scared fleece toy. owlet-one (1280x960)We saw a total of five Great Gray Owls today, including a hunting adult and three fledglings. pil fly (1280x960)Pileated on the shore of Howard Prairie Lake.  Later at Hyatt Lake we saw two young Pileateds with their tiny blunt beaks po9king out of their nest hole. pil1 (1280x960)


  1. How big are GGO eggs? Chicken? Goose? ???

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