Posted by: atowhee | May 20, 2015


The Sandhill Crame is the tallest bird that nests here in Oregon.  I never expected to actually see a crane sitting on her nest.  Even on public land I don’t think I would go traipsing across a possible nesting meadow.  Too disturbing for the birds and what if I literally stumbled across the nest?

It was with great joy and surprise that I stumbled across a crane nest location, right beside the road.  And I could take pictures without getting out of the car.crane mom1The nest was along a side road off OR7 as it parallels the Powder River in western Baker County.  It was only about thirty feet below the berm that lifted the road above the marsh.  The first day I found the nest the male was nearby, on my return visits he was not to be seen.CRANES (1280x960) (2)CRANE MALE (1280x960) (2)CRANE FMALE (1280x960) (2)  CRANE STARE

Below a pair of cranes in a field, also along OR7.  This was near the ghost town of Whitney.whitney crane uprit whitney cranes1 whitney cranes2These birds have certainly changed their gray plumage to a deep rusty color.  The cranes do it by rubbing iron-rich mud onto the feathers, staining them.  Here is their crane meadow:WHITNEY CRANES (1280x960)


At Deadwood Junction along Dead Indian Memorial Road in Jackson County I slowed down the car and set off a territorial dance by a lone adult crane just across the fence: Dance1 (1280x960) dance2 (1280x960) dance3 (1280x960) dance4 (1280x960) dance5 (1280x960) dance7 (1280x960) dance8 (1280x960) dance9 (1280x960)after dance (1280x960)The clear message: get away.  I left.


  1. Wonderful story, thank you for sharing.

  2. oh my goodness! beautiful photos… thanks for sharing.

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