Posted by: atowhee | May 19, 2015


My four-day excursion to Le Grande and back took me through Harney County…and there were those sparrows we often find on the Malheur trips.  I have two Klamth Bird Observatory Malheur trips coming up next month.  But the sparrows are already there…awaiting our arrival.brew spar1 (1280x960) BS2Brewer’s Sparrow above, same Brewer that has a blackbird namesake, 19th Century Boston ornithologist.  Below, the newly renamed Sagebrush Sparrow, a flashier sort than the plain Brewer’s.  Both were in Harney County. SB AT TOP sb sparo (1280x960) sb sparo cu (1280x960) sb sparo2 (1280x960) sb sparo3 (1280x960)In addition I saw two Lark Sparrows feeding along the street curb in Burns.  They skittered away before I could get a shot off.

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