Posted by: atowhee | May 14, 2015


I am on my way to the Ladd Marsh Bird Festival in LeGrande, Oregon.  And I covered first 300+ miles today, staying overnight in metropolitan Burns.  Lots of good birding country en route.  Many of the species I saw today we will see again in June when I lead Klamath Bird Observatory’s trips to Malheur NWR which is in huge Harney County.  So if nay of these pictures interest you, there’s still time to come on the Malheur the second weekend in June, just contact KBO in Ashland, Oregon.

I think I added at least ten species to my 2015 Oregon list, all are migrants now present in winter.  Always a favorite spring bird is the graceful, bouyant, elegantly appointed Black Tern.  There were several dozen at Burns Pond this evening not far east of town along Hwy 78.2BT BT TO DIVEThis small tern hawks insects.  At this site there were even more Northern Rough-winged Swallows feeding the same way, but they looked jerky and mechanical next to the swooping, diving, flashy terns.

If you’re like me and can watch Black Terns for as long as time and they allow, click over to this Black Beauty blog, all terns all the time.

Many birds were either nesting already, paired in preparation or busily trying at attract mates…like the flock on winnowing Wilson’s Snipe I found in a flooded field about one mile west of Silver Lake (here the gas station is now open only on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday). Snipe #1 was south of Burns off Hwy 205.  The second snipe was near Klamath Lake. I tried for winnowing shots but kept missing them.  w-sn6w-sn4 The Yellow-rump was on the entrance sign of Collier State Park in Klamath County. yel rump1 yel rump2This owl is supposed to be active during the day?buro snooze BWT1 (1280x960)My first Blue-winged Teal of the year in Oregon.  The dull feathered female is just to the left of the male’s bright quarter moon. Klamath Marsh. BWT2 (1280x960)The more common and colorful Cinnamon Teal is common at the marsh. CINTE BRITE (1280x960)This crane was singalling me to stay in my car.  This is actually in the Cascades east of Ashland before you get to Klamath County.  Did later see distant cranes south of Burns.  That area has the state’s largest breeding population. dance2 (1280x960) dance8 (1280x960)This rain-dampened Ferruginous was resting by the roadside but finally, reluctantly seemingly, lifted off.  US 395 south of Riley urban center. FERRU FLITE (1280x960) FERRU FLITE2 (1280x960)Mountain Bluebird on sign in middle of nowhere as the sign so clearly says.  Lake County, not near anyplace.B-B POSTD (1280x960)Westside Road eagle nest. be sitz1 (1280x960)This is one of my best views of a Dusky Flycatcher at Rocky Point. hamm fly (1280x960) ibis wlkz (1280x960)Ibiswamp, Klamath County. ibiswamp1 (1280x960) ibiswamp2 (1280x960) ibiswamp3 (1280x960)This bluebird was near Klamath Marsh. MT-BLUUOsprey dining near nest, Klamath County. osp n nestThis fine fellow was south of Burns. YHB HUNCHD (1280x960) y-w centr (1280x960)Yellow Warbler at Rocky Point, Klamath Lake. y-w upp (1280x960)

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