Posted by: atowhee | April 29, 2015


There were a number of birds I spotted today around water.  Some of the ones I spotted were, in fact, Spotted, as well.  Spotted Towhee, for example, at Ashland Pond.  Males calling out their territorial intentions.  And then there was a pair of Spotted Sandpipers for the second straight day.  They copulated on a pondside log.  This not being a frat party or Vegas hotel suite I took it their intentions were to propagate the species.  Sex for procreation, that’s their intention as with most birds.  But with many birds there is no such thing as loyalty among “paired” birds.  Promiscuity is rampant among species from ducks to kingbirds.  If these shorebirds had appeared before the Supreme Court on the recent marriage lawsuit, the Spotted Sandpipers I spotted would have muddied the waters.  How they will raise young on the mudflats of the pond, enclosed as they are by dense brush and marauded regularly by raccoons and other predators…we shall see.

Speaking of young, mother Wood Duck now has only two ducklings…the third having gone into nature’s ever-hungry maw some way or other.  As it nimbly cross the log I thought to myself, ‘this bird is spot on.’

SPOTTED GALLERYsposa loggd SPOT ON1 (1280x960) SPOT ON2 (1280x960) SPOT ON3 (1280x960)

SPO SAND1 (1280x960)

FURTHER SPOTTINGS OF LATECRO D-FLIES2 No, Virginia, they are not refueling. MORE D-FLIES P2430656This Red-tail is doing his symmetrical molt.  Asymmetry could be deadly. RTH MOLTD SOSP WHISTL (1280x960) W-STARIt is good these days to see any amphibian of any kind anywhere, even this big invasive brute.  Not his fault we humans brought his kin out to the arid west: FROG UP (1280x960)P2430649 (1280x960)My first Green Heron of the year, Ashland Pond yesterday.GRN HRN1 (1280x960)Make yourself at home, deer. P2430648 (1280x960)Here’s one of those grosbeaks who can’t stop singing.BH-=GROSFemale Bullock’s Oriole so there must be cottonwoods nearby. FEM BULLThis guy was upa tree when my dogs went past, no wonder they call ’em “ground squirrels.” GROUND IN-TREE


  1. The damsels are Vivid Dancers (Argia vivida) and the dragonfly is an immature male Common Whitetail (Plathemis lydia).

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