Posted by: atowhee | April 28, 2015


amgoThese first three photos are by Karl Schneck at his home east of I-5 on North valley View Road.  I especially enjoyed the line-up of Zonotrichia sparrows including the less-than-common White-throated. brto wt_gc_wc sparrowTwo shots of a Western Kingbird at Indian Tom Lake in Siskiyou County:WEKI BEND (1280x960) WEKI UP (1280x960)White Pelicans, like small stranded ships in a sea of grass.  In Klamath Basin, Oregon side of the border.wpel fliz wpel loafrs wpel standzYHB DIRECTYellow-headed Blackbird at Indian Tom Lake. Below: an Avo-set.AVO-SET1

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