Posted by: atowhee | April 22, 2015


REDWING SING1 (1280x960) REDWING SINGS2 (1280x960)Is there a better, more emblematic vocalist than the Red-winged Blackbird of America?  Surely our marshes are unique in their soundscape as this species is not found elsewhere and there is no equivalent anywhere in the Old World where marshes are quiet, glum places for listeners.

This one was among at least two dozen males performing energetically at the gravel ponds in Newbry Park along the Bear Creek Greenway.

The Redwing BB extends down into Central America but not as far south as Panama.  There is a Redwing in Europe, also a fine singer.  It is a medium-sized member of the thrush family and thus related to our Robin and Europe’s Blackbird and Nightingale.

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