Posted by: atowhee | April 22, 2015


GAD GORGEOUSMale Gadwall at Newbry Park. Northern Rough-winged Swallows. HAW FLOWRS (2)My first salsify flower of the year. HAW FLOWRS (4) HAW FLOWRS (16)Hawthorn. HAW CLUSTRThe most beautiful tree in town…for now.  Pink dogwood. pnk dogwdHAW FLOWRS (65)Band-tails overhead. Willow, the white fuzzy seeds float through the air like snow flakes. Some fall into Bear Creek and may end up on a habitable mudbank or sandbar.  Others may be carried all the way to the pacific at Gold Beach, or simply disintegrate in the water.  Most float some distance on the slightest breeze.  Today small grass clusters wore a boa of white fuzz as the seeds clung together around the plant;s center. HAW FLOWRS (66) This Wrentit sang to get my attention and then fed along the edge of the berry thicket, ignoring the dogs and myself.  This was at Newbry Park along the Greenway. WT-BEST WT-BEST2Here he sings on camera, not such a shy bird after all. WTSINGSHAW FLOWRS (69) HAW FLOWRS (70) HAW FLOWRS (71) HAW FLOWRS (73) HAW FLOWRS (75) RWB CATTAILSHAW FLOWRS (119)This Blue-gray Gnatcatcher was near Emigrant Lake this afternoon and led me around a willow thicket, hardly wanting to pose. HAW FLOWRS (120) HAW FLOWRS (121) HAW FLOWRS (122) HAW FLOWRS (123) HAW FLOWRS (124) HAW FLOWRS (125) HAW FLOWRS (126)


  1. Nice pics!!! Bear Creek black cottonwood fuzzy seeds come later? I collect the bark from dead trees for carving… don’t think the trees have much value other than that.

  2. Love that Wrentit! We had the blue-grays come through here on the Texas gulf coast last month.

    • The Wrentit ranges as far north as Astoria, but doesn’t cross the wide Columbia River

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