Posted by: atowhee | April 16, 2015


On warm, sunny spring days like today it seems life has an ebullience and power that cannot be denied.  A male Bewick’s Wren throws back his tiny head and give full-throated song toward the heavens.  Yet, his target is clearly other male wrens hidden in the shrubs and thickets nearby.  I stopped to admire a Song Sparrow who’s been singing from the same bush for three weeks.  I believe him to be a first-year bird as his song was partial and unformed when he started.  Now he sounds like the other males around the pond.  And when he spied me he sang with more animosity and ferocity than before…or so it seemed at close hand. Perhaps none of our birds can be more ferocious, based on the formula of aggression per gram, than our local hummers.  Terence Phillipe tells me he had his first Calliope of the spring, at his feeders.  That’s at 2000′ elevation on Rapp Road in Talent.  They’ll be moving upslope eventually.

And I’ve seen my first ducklings of the year here, and not Mallards!  Momma Woodie and her triplets at Ashland Pond.BEWR SINGZ (1280x960) FULLTHROPT2 FULLTHROT1A lurking Lincoln’s Sparrow, another recent arrival along with a pair of Kingbirds checking out the wires along Nevada Street.  They sure do like our manmade utilities for nest sites. LINC WEKI WIRE WEKI WIRES1 WEKI WIRES2 WEKI WIRES3 WODU WITH 3

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