Posted by: atowhee | April 11, 2015


GRKL FACEGreat-tails are a-comin’ and you can hear them sound off.  This week I heard and then saw a half dozen Great-tailed Grackles at Lake Merced in San Francisco.  This species was not here a mere decade ago when I saw my first Nor Cal grackles down near Monterey.  Now we are seeing them in southern Oregon.  One of several species expanding northward as climate and habitats change.GRCKL SIDEGRKL VOX1Caspian Tern along Crissy Field.  caster1 Then: Common Loon beginning to molt.  Common Yellowthroat, twice. Dunlin landing near Least Sanbdpipers, then two Dunlin in flight.  Followed by one Marbled Godwit wading. COLO ON BAY COYE HID4 COYE HIDS1 DNL FLIEZ dnln fliers GOD STROLLgrt scapGreater Scaup, Least Sandpiper  and high-steppin’ female Grackler.scsup strtch least wadz GTG FEMAL2


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