Posted by: atowhee | April 6, 2015


Some photos taken by Terri Arino of Klamath Falls on our Klamath Bid Observatory field trip around Ashland on Saturday.KBO-OCW1 (853x1280)We didn’t just have an Orange-crowned Warbler…or two.  We had a flock foraging in the thickets around Ashland Pond, over a dozen individuals.  They were the first I;d seen this pring though there have been previous reports of returning OCWs. KBO-OCW2 (853x1280)KBO-1 (1280x853) Downy in a madrone.KBO-2 (853x1280) KBO-3 (853x1280)Lithia Park Dippers carrying food for nestlings.KBO-DIP3KBO-DIP2KBO-DIP1KBO-ANHU (853x1280)kbo-bbrd (1280x853)You can see more of Terri’s great photos at her website,

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