Posted by: atowhee | March 21, 2015


GWT ON SHOR (1280x461)Green-winged Teal along the south end of Emigrant Lake.  And one male taking off. GWT TAKEOFFF (1280x947) h-t (1280x960)Hound’s tongue in bloom.  Below: my first aerial Osprey of the season. Always a thirll to watch this bird fishing. OSPAERIAL P2370351The homely House Finch, but this one had something to say, a few sweet cheeps. Note the bright coloration on the rump as he tries to imitate the Yellow-rumped Warbler. P2370368On these close-up views you can see the convex curve on the upper beak, a useful field mark not shared by Cassin’s and Purple Finches.  Also, no notch in  his tail.  And no facial pattern.

THE BIG ONE THAT DIDN’T GET AWAYggow-shneckThis is Karl Schneck’s best shot of his lifer Great Gray that we found on Thursday evening near Howard Prairie.  Note how long the wings are.  He’s giving us “the stare.”  You don’t want to be re-born as a vole.

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