Posted by: atowhee | March 21, 2015


Birding can often bring a surprise, or two.  At the pond today there were exactly two, though one surprise had several parts.  It was a small flock of Evening Grosbeaks, the first I’ve seen in Jackson County this year.EG TWO EG VAGUEThe largest of finches, the EG is one of our most unpredictable local species. EGGRPAnd the pond itself held a modest surprise, the first Ruddy Duck I’ve seen there this year.  Usually I expect them on larger reservoirs or coastal bays. RUDU REFLX

My most surprising bird ofg the day was a little surprise, the bird being smaller than a Robin.  Horned Lark, a Jackson County life for me.  Also a jumpin’ jack performed on camera.  Click here for pics of both.

Then up at Touvelle there was an Osprey on the nest platform already.  Reported by other birders earlier, this is the first Osprey I’ve seen in the county this year.OSP ON NESTThis nest is a short glide from the banks of the Rogue River.  Something fishy about that. At the nearby Kirtland Ponds there were hundreds of feeding Shovelers, males all in bright red sidewalls preparatory to luring the female.  There were a smattering of other dabblers as well.

There s no Great Horned Owl nest in the big trees at the Table Rock Bible Chruch this year.  Winter storms may have blown those sticks away.  Red-tails our nesting about halfway between that church and the Rogue River bridge.


  1. Sloppy birding on my part, I think I saw the Ruddy Duck there today also… but I dismissed it as female bufflehead and didn’t pay enough attention to it… back to the basics with shape, like the bill and tail of the Ruddy Duck should have been enough… I gotta get with the program!!!

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