Posted by: atowhee | March 18, 2015


ACORN-HOLEAcorn Woodpecker at hole.  Below: Fox Sparrow watches. fox sp (1280x960) fox sp2 (1280x960) HENBIT (1280x960)Henbit,  a wild mint native to the Old World.  Oregon grape in bloom, the Oregon state flower. ore grp (1280x960) TRSW OVR WTR (1280x960)Tree Swallows at the pond. TRSW RESTBelow, the swallow has just splashed onto the surface for an insect.TRSW SPALSH (1280x960) YRW-Y2 (1280x960)


  1. […] enough of those tasty plum blossoms. One of the migrating Tree Swallow, takes a short rest stop. In the afternoon I got shots of Tree swallows nabbing insects off the pond;s surface. Click here for… White-throated Sparrow sitting in bright sun, showing off his feathery finery.  Ashland Pond where […]

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