Posted by: atowhee | March 12, 2015


There is one pale tail in this tale but no manner of pail.

As I was about to have breakfast this morning, the phone rang.  It was fellow birder, Lee French.  He and his wife had just spotted, and scoped, a pale Red-tail.  Up the hill I sped and here are the photos.  A pair of Red-tailed Hawks taking the soft morning sun.  One of them almost white below the chin but with a normal dark head.  PALE! PALE2 PALE3It seems  likely that this pair has a nest not far away on this steep, wooded hillside west of Lithia Park.  Through the scope you could discern the slightest hint of a few streaks of color on the pale bird’s chest.  Not a belly band but more like a few crumbs from a flaking croissant.  It’s breakfast time so I think in terms of pastry.  There was no hint of color in the pale bird’s tail.

Through the scope we thought the upper, pale bird looked smaller and was the male.  That bird is more fluffed out but also shorter than the more normally colored bird below.


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