Posted by: atowhee | March 4, 2015


dplpr dips (1280x960)Here we have Dipper dipping his head into the water to seek out prey.  Then a sudden itch grabs the bird’s attention. dplpr itch (1280x960) dppr itch2 (1280x960) dppr rksHere we see Dipper with dipperwash on rock beyond. dppr stnd (1280x960) dppr swim (1280x960)Even in relatively small Ashland Creek the Dipper can look tiny in a pool., dppr watchs littl brd on rk on rk2 on rk3This dipperwashed rock is on lower Ashland Creek below Main Street Bridge where a second pair of Dippers is apparently nesting but which I didn’t see.  Dipperwash all along the creek indicates the Dippers are moving along the stream as they hunt. washThe pictures of fishing Dippers were all taken near the Bridge #3 nest site in upper Lithia Park.

Click here for the the latest in my informal survey of Oregon towns with nesting Dippers.

Click here for gallery of photos of nest-building Dippers at Bridge #3 during Saturday’s encounter.


  1. Is Bridge #3 S. Pioneer St.? Haven’t seen a Dipper in a while so planning a mini-field trip to Lithia very soon.

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