Posted by: atowhee | March 2, 2015


The daily gathering of the Corvid Clan was once held on the Billings Ranch.  Today it was tea on the lawn.  Dozens of the Crows gathered.  There was some sharing of the repast and then a flurry of fury as they swarmed and screamed, then settled back down for another cuppa.crow2 crows1

MORE MARCH BIRDSBT ALONE BT-FLTTRA single Band-tail in our garden this morning.  Below suet pigs, also known as Bushtits. BT-SUET P2340415 (1280x960) P2340416 (1280x960) P2340418 (1280x960) RBSPOLEThe Red-breasted Sapsucker was drumming on our local drum today.  The split utility pole attracts all the local woodpeckers: Flicker, Downy, Hairy and this one. RBSPOLE2The other woodpeckers all have various volume of steady, monotonouse, repeated drum strokes.  This fellow has a beat, some rhythm.  A syncopation that is recognizable.  I was in the house when I heard the beat and knew it was him.  In the parlance of a bygone era, a real hip cat.  Give him a bongo and he could accompany Gregory Corso’s poems.  Go, man, go. RBSPOLE3 TURKTWO TURKTWO2If you had those feathers, you’d be lookin’ for an excuse to strut too. TURKTWO3TURKTWO4 YR-ALONE

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