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UPDATED ON MARCH 2:  After my recent blog on Dippers nest-building in Lithia Park, I queried the OBOL community on where else there were in-town Dippers in Oregon.  So far, here is the list of towns where fellow birders have confirmed Metro-Dippers.

Astoria:  Linda Perkins wrote: “We have about 6 pairs that I know of around Astoria but not within city limits.  We tend to have a lot because we have salmon hatcheries on the coast.”

Bend:  “Dippers regularly breed under the walking bridge crossing the Deschutes (below my house) here in Bend. I hear them every morning. Beats an alarm clock.  Steve Kornfeld”

Canyon City: “I’ve seen dippers at the bridge by the Grant County courthouse in Canyon
City — and in metropolitan Marion Forks, too.  😉
Paul Sullivan”

Marion Forks

Mitchell, along Bridge Creek in southern Wheeler County.


Scappoose: “Dippers are regularly spotted from the Scappoose-Vernonia Highway leaving Scappoose toward Vernonia (about a mile from Hwy 30) where the road crosses North Scappoose Creek.”


Talent–along Bear Creek Greenway but may not be nesting in that stretch of stream

Timber: on the Nehalem

Wilsonville:  25 Oct 2012, Mary French and I spotted a Dipper at the Willamette River Water Treatment Plant in Wilsonville.  It was our first visit to that site and by far the most interesting, the Dipper was not seen after that day. From Doug Niwa.

DPR-CARRY2 (1280x960)Click here for link to previous blog on the nest-building pair here in Ashland. in 2013 there were three known nests along Ashland Creek in central Ashland.  Just for the record there are Euro-Dippers along the river flowing through Baden-Baden, Germany.

One expert local birder there tells me: no evidence of nesting Dippers inside the Grants Pass city limits though the bird is common along the Rogue River.


  1. Dippers are regularly spotted from the Scappose-Vernonia Highway leaving Scappoose toward Vernonia (about a mile from Hwy 30) where the road crosses North Scappoose Creek.

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