Posted by: atowhee | March 1, 2015


Two pairs found nest-building!  Here’s the reporr from Frank Lospalluto:

 “2 nesting pairs. 5 possibly 6 different individuals along the creek.
 One pair at Bridge 3 in old box ,refurbishing last year’s uncompleted nest. It appeared to be a in its final stages.
 Pair at Main St. /Bluebird Park, the 2014 banded male with a new partner this season. They are using the nest box this year and not the drainpipe! They have completed about 2/3 of the nestbuilding.
 No evidence of any nesting activity up around the Granite St. reservoir YET.
 Egg laying usually begins 6-15 days after nest completion.”
Here is one of my pics from Saturday’s field trip:DPR-NST1 (1280x960)

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