Posted by: atowhee | February 27, 2015



CRNR PLUM P2330709   SLEEPING OWLRCKI TRUNKD WNTR HUMMROur only wintering hummer–the male Anna’s. Y-R BAD LITE Y-R VERTYellow-rump, in situ and in flight. yrwa in air BKHE2 BLUE1If you had plumage like that you’d spend a lot of time preening as well.  This heron is ready for the spring courtship season.  Int he bad old days his ancestors were slaughtered this time of year so those plumes could be put into female humans’ hats.  That’s a fashion that;s not coming back, thankfully. BUSH-SUET HOFI BUSH1House Finch HOFI BUSH2 HOMER1HOMER1 HOMER2 MALL-MOMA P2330705 (1074x901)


  1. I’d love to see some of those birds. You live in a very beautiful area.

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