Posted by: atowhee | February 24, 2015


LANG GGO1 These two Great Gray Owl pictures were taken by Michael Lang, a photographer from Chico. His website is:

Info on top pic: Canon 1DX w/ 200-400mm internal T.C. on + additional 1.4III    1/1250 sec, f 5.6, ISO 25,600. Spot metering + 1 (full manual mode).  On pic below: Canon 1DX w/ 200-400mm  @ 300mm.  1/1000 sec, f4, ISO 10,000. spot metering +1 (full manual mode).  Thanks, Michael for sharing.

He says he wants pics of GGO in the snow…wait’ll next year…

LANG GGO2 By the way, Peter Thiemann and I are slaving away on our Great Gray Owl, it should go off to the printers this winter.  It’s on the GGOs of OR-CA-WA that have never gotten book treatment before this.  Owl chasers will find our original, detailed breeding range maps to be very interesting.wso on cove roadThis Screech-Owl is in a tree just outside a home on Cove Road east of Ashland.  Last year the homeowners had nesting Pygmy-Owls in this same oak.  The little guys may have to go somewhere else this spring.


The Mountain Bird Festival in late May still has some openings.  You can see schedule of trips by clicking here.MTBF COLOR LOGO

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