Posted by: atowhee | February 22, 2015


Band-tailed Pigeons dropped down into our garden today…about two months earlier than most years.  They probably simply flew in from the coast, but it’s another sign of an accelerated end to winter.  Still, we might get cold and snow in March but the odds for any kind of real winter in our area are dwindling daily.  High of 60 again today with lots of sunshine even though there was frost overnight.

Male Flicker was in a percussive mood at dawn.  He began drumming the split utility pole in front of our house which makes a very loud musical instrument, used by woodpeckers large and small each spring.  Here’s the drummer at dawn.  Next photo down is a pair of Flickers hanging out together at Ashland Pond.  Spring, they slogan is two by two.DAWN DRUMMR  FLKR PAIRDBelow, budding Siskins, dining on willow catkins.BUDDING SISKINS HGO MOMFemale great Horned on her nest.  Below snoozing Screech-Owl back in ine f the boxes along Granite Street.WSO IN FEB WSO SLEEPS P2330523Bald Eagle high in the firmament over Howard Prairie.  Below: Red-tail over Ashland Pond. R-T-UPP SCRB UPP VOLCANO That is not evidence of a pending volcanic eruption, just dark gray clouds on the shoulder of Mt. McLoughlin.

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