Posted by: atowhee | February 19, 2015


[Note if you have faith in Creative Design, do not read this posting.  It will not agree with your beliefs.]

Click here to hear interesting segment on how chimps change their accent to match their local dialect.We already know that many songbirds do the same thing.  First spring male birds learn to sing what their neighbors sing, not what their parents sand the previous summer. This allows them to move away from where they born, taking their genes with them…and then sey up territory surrounded by birds not closely related to their parents.  Keeps the evolutionary wheel turning.  Like American teenagers who speak like their fellows not mom and dad.

What fascinated me about the chimp segment on radio…how the interviewees bent over backward to avoid saying that chimps have a “Language.”  Reminded me of the old days when we hominids prided ourselves on being unique in using reason, making tools, etc.  Science has shown that many other animals, reason, make tools, etc.  Seems like the folks who are desperate to make humans unique now cling to the myth that only humans can possible have a language.  I think this is a hang-over from those Bible-beating days when the mere thought of evolution was anti-Christian.  Of course, we still have a dense segment of society that fears any scientific evidence that does agree with the New Testament.

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