Posted by: atowhee | February 6, 2015


There was a serious bank crisis here in Jackson County, Oregon today.  There was a flood of liquidity.  It was a veritable plethora of plentitude.  It was real rain and it sent both Ashland Creek and Bear Creek over their banks and into the trees.  Robins, rain-stymied in trees all day, were frantically feeding on the ground about 5PM as there was a respite in the rain.  There were even welcomed reports of a foot of snow about 7000′ in the mountains.   Meanwhile Ashland Pond was as high as I’ve ever seen it.  Only the Pied-billed Grebe braved the waves and muddy water.  No ducks, no heron, no kingfisher.   A storm-tossed quartet of Yellow-rumped Warblers were the only birds in the pondside thicket.  Overhead only three Ravens and one very wet looking Red-tail.

Yesterday in the pre-storm lull a male Spotted Towhee was imbued with the spring spirit, high levels of testosterone led him to practice his territorial macho act in front of an unimpressed Steller’s jay and then a wowed little Junco.  Flashing hui white tail spots for which he is named is a bold show for a usually retiring sparrow. flash1 (1280x960) flash2 (1280x960) flash4 (1280x960) flash6 (1280x960) huh (1280x960)Thus male bird is much calmer.a-h P2320060 (1280x960)Full moon followed by full planet. P2320061 (1280x960) P2320065 (1280x960)


  1. Very funny. Such liquidity! Might know only HF would be out at the pond. One tough duck!

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