Posted by: atowhee | January 30, 2015


“Even a blind pig finds a truffle once in awhile.”      –Folk Wisdom.

Today the blind pig got a bushel of truffles. Big birds behaving in public. First there was the conflict for control of skies. Air war between a pair-o-grines, my peretroopers. There was much diving and swerving and angry squealing as the two big falcons went after one another…and then separated before feathers were drawn.PER AFER7 PER FARE2 PER FARE3 PER FARE4 PER FARE5 PER FARE6 PER FARE8 PER-FARE1I know these are not great shots but trying to follow fighting falcons in flight is more than a little challenging.  It did not seem to be a courtship duet.  Here’s one of the battling birds barreling past.PER ALONE

Then a pair of Red-tails were copulating in a ponderosa, not far from where they have a nest that’s been used for the past few years. It’s high in a cottonwood along Bear Creek in Ashland.  Here they are after the act:AFTER1 AFTER2 AFTER3 COOP IN TREEE (1280x960)First year Cooper;s Hawk seen in three locations around Ashland  Pond. COOP YNGSTR COOP YNGSTR2 COOP-S BAKCrows gather along Bear Creek for evening discussion of the day’s events.  This big a gang can sound like cable TV commentators, every passing raptor gets loud comment, mostly sounding negative. CROWS GATHER (1280x960)A-HUM1 (1280x960)GBH IN WATRHairy Woodpecker in our garden. HAWO-SUET (1280x960)  P2310393 (1280x960) P2310397 (1280x960)   POND-JAN30  SSP-7The relatively pale coloration of this bird indicates it is likely a local resident and not a wintering bird from further north which would likely be of darker background shades.SSPL-5 SSPL-6 SUN SPOT (1280x960)Snn-spot, a Spotted Towhee in a sunny spot.  Bright orange=male adult.SPTO PREEN (1280x960) SUN SPOT2 (1280x960)P2310458 (1280x960)P2310466 (1280x960) P2310459 (1280x960) UPRIGHTAcorn atop. Lesser Goldfinch female:LEGO LOOKS

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